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ViVi He
The sales director of eMASS President。
Hello, everyone. There is a girl takes root among of Golden Furniture Co.,Ltd in last 5years, she was deep in work with sincerity and toward her goal---she is me, ViviI am greatly gratitude to our group for everyone’s kindness.During this period, I had earned too much—love, patience, responsibility. They train me become more and more ripeness and confidentThanks for emass, thanks for our sales team, because of you, let my presence become meaningful!

Winny Yan
The CEO assistant of eMASS Prresident, the deputy director of Golden sales team .
She,openness,friendly,honest,work hard and responsible for everything,can communicate with colleague friendly and kindly. She,youth,beautiful,generous,and is one of the grestest assistant in company.

Nana Zheng
International Dept. Manager;The team leader of eMASS President .
Motto:Where is a will,there is a way;Everything comes to him who waits.

Sherry Feng
The International Dept. Manager;The team leader of eMASS President.
Quiet smile is my characteristic, reading , listening to music and hiking is my favorite, introduce suitable sets of beds and mattresses for you is my specialty.I'm always ready to support you with professional advice and help you make the best choices, what about you?

Jade Liang
The International Dept.Manager;The team leader of eMASS President.
My colleague here like to call me younger cousin or judy for fun , and to be hoest , I like younger cousin better , coz it makes me, u know , younger than everybody ,so that everytime when people ask my age,the answer will be always 25 , and what ? you want to know the weight ? well, it will be always a secret .I am a sales manager here in our company , our oversea sales team have more than 25 sales here , we will always be there when you have any question of our products , so , pls feel free to contact with us .Oh, by the way , My motto is no excuses for failure ,but way to succeed.

Fancy Fang
International Dept. Manager; The team leader of eMASS President.
Motto: My future is up to me.







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