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 Inner structure



 1.Moderate hardness

 2.Not contain harmful ingredients 

 3.Several layer of high quality filling

 4.Not easy to deformation 

 5.Eliminate body fatigue

 6.The characteristics of pest control , mothproof.

 7.Comfortable feeling and touching

 8.High quality memory foam mattress topper zip cover mattress

 Inner foam specifications:

 The best way to know is to check the package for the density of the foam. Cheap foam density normally is 10-15gk/M3. density, mid-grade foam is 18-22gk/M3. density and good foam is over 25kg/M3. density. Usually, 27kg/M3 foam is considered the ideal density to properly support the human body and compressed roll up packing. The lighter grade foam won't support you and will quit returning to its original shape after only a few months.or can not EXPAND PROPER !

 Compressed  mattress Notes:

 1 after being compressed, it is suggested that it open within half a year to keep the size being 95%-99% of its original size.

 2 Make sure that the internal mattress being circulating, maintain clean and sanitary 

 Paking detail:

 Special export package(vacuum compressed packing with PVC and wooden frame,  thick kraft paper bag cover the pallet. 

 Foam mattress roll up packing in PVC handle bag. thick kraft paper bag cover the handle bag.

  About us:

 Our factory established in 2005, which is located in Foshan City. 

 We have 6 yeas experience in export and products are sold to America, Europe, Australia and Middel East, etc. We are a professional and reliable suppliers.

 mattress feather


 mattress procedure


 mattress packing process



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